Cardno ChemRisk is a scientific consulting firm that is respected worldwide for its risk assessment experience, technical capabilities, industry leadership and pioneering spirit. We pride ourselves on our long standing reputation for thorough scientific analysis and for sharing public information in peer-reviewed scientific literature to promote leveraging of information and best practices. To date, we have published more than 500 peer-reviewed publications.

Members of the Cardno ChemRisk team are often contacted for independent commentary, insight and expertise by various media outlets. The policy below outlines the rules and process we follow in our interactions with any interested external audiences.

Accepting media requests
All media requests need to be sent in writing to Luda Kopelovich. Please provide all of the questions and requests for quotes in your inquiry. We will respond to all media inquiries within 48 business hours.

Sharing information with journalists and media
We are happy to share and comment on publicly available data or work product. However, we are unable to comment on information that is client-privileged and is confidential. Cardno ChemRisk retains the right to refuse to answer any questions involving privileged information.

Providing information
All of our responses to inquiries will be provided in writing. Our goal with media responses is to provide detailed, thoughtful answers that will help add substance to the media piece. In order to ensure that our response is properly and accurately represented, we need to review and provide commentary to the final publication, before it is made available to the public.

Attending third-party conferences, webinars and other events
We are excited when our scientists are asked to participate at external events. Our staff enjoy the opportunities to collaborate with outside parties and share scientific information with the community. All requests for attendance and/or speaking opportunities should be directed to Luda Kopelovich.

Reproducing Cardno ChemRisk content
Companies who wish to reproduce Cardno ChemRisk’s content or graphics must first send their request to
Luda Kopelovich. Please note that many of the materials we provide are copyrighted.

If there are any questions or issues not addressed in this PR policy, please reach out to Luda Kopelovich.
We look forward to working with you.