Project Overview: Chlorinated cleaning products are widely used in industrial/professional and consumer settings and released to wastewater systems which may reach local aquatic habitats. Cardno ChemRisk was asked to evaluate the potential toxicity of sodium hypochlorite/bleach (used as a disinfectant) to humans and environmental receptors

Our Approach: We evaluated the human exposure to the chemical byproducts from residential use of bleach using the Exposure and Fate Assessment Screening Tool (E-FAST), Version 2.0, and the “Down-the-Drain” scenario.  Exposure estimates were compared to U.S. and international drinking water standards. Using highly conservative modeling assumptions, it was concluded that the possible adverse human health risks associated with the chemical byproducts were negligible.  These findings were consistent with a similar risk assessment that was conducted by the European Union.

Our Value: The cleaning product company was able to address the public health concerns and provide assurance regarding the safety of its product.