Project Overview: A consumer products manufacturer received a Prop 65 complaint based on the detection of lead and cadmium in talc and other baby products. Because the need for a Prop 65 warning is based on whether the lead or cadmium would pose a risk to the consumer, Cardno ChemRisk was asked to evaluate the potential for exposure to lead and cadmium in the products to cause a health risk.

Our Approach: Cardno ChemRisk scientists conducted a risk assessment that evaluated the likelihood that trace amounts of lead and cadmium in talc and zinc oxide ointment in baby products might penetrate the skin and produce an absorbed dose in excess of the Prop 65 safe harbor levels.

Our Value: The products in question did not result in exposures to lead or cadmium in excess of the safe harbor levels and therefore did not pose a risk to consumers. The manufacturer successfully demonstrated compliance with the California regulation and also showed the low health risk associated with their products from trace impurities.