Project Overview: Cardno ChemRisk was retained to perform occupational and environmental exposure modeling for eight substances being registered under EU REACH regulation prior to the first registration deadline.

Our Approach: Cardno ChemRisk used a number of modeling tools and strategies to complete the required environment and human health assessments, such as the service life of consumer products.  Scientists developed novel exposure assessment approaches, including environmental assessments of hydrolysis products for substances that have very short half-lives in water. A systematic review of chemical properties and thorough understanding of the REACH exposure assessment tools revealed that conclusions about safe or unsafe use were frequently determined by a small subset of critical exposure assumptions.

Our Value: Cardno ChemRisk suggested that downstream user (DU) guidance and trade association interaction were essential for efficient completion of REACH exposure assessments. Client resources were successfully allocated by targeting research efforts on the short-term data needs and modeling required to demonstrate safe use within the regulatory deadline.