Project Overview: On behalf of an international consortium of tire manufacturers, Cardno ChemRisk reviewed the potential human health and environmental risks associated with nanostructured materials. The study focused on human health toxicity, ecotoxicity, occupational exposures and exposure monitoring, best practices recommendations, risk assessment, and risk management for minimizing exposures and risks to nanomaterials in occupational settings. 

Our Approach: Cardno ChemRisk reviewed nearly 250 papers in eight languages and found that literature indicates there is still much uncertainty related to the human health and environmental risk of nanomaterials.  Based on these findings, Cardno ChemRisk developed recommendations for industry to remain proactive in risk management as it relates to the current and future use of nanomaterials.

Our Value: We assembled a database of key findings and provided recommendations to the key stake holders regarding how to proceed in developing an industry-wide best practices guidance for the use of existing nanostructured materials and the development of new nanomaterials.