Project Overview: Cardno ChemRisk was asked to evaluate the safety of a personal care product and its potential to cause hair loss in users under the intended condition of use. This request was in response to an FDA investigation as well as several subsequent lawsuits in which hair loss and variety of skin reactions following use of said personal care product were alleged.

Our Approach: Cardno ChemRisk scientists developed a comprehensive safety evaluation and worked with numerous academic institutions and dermatologists to develop a tier-based testing strategy that was applied to a variety of endpoints of interest. Numerous peer-reviewed publications on the safety evaluation (preclinical and clinical) of the product resulted from the work.  In addition, our scientists presented these studies at multiple National Scientific conferences as well as to the US FDA.

Our Value: Our scientists provided novel approaches to evaluating the claims and safety of the product.  These results were used by our scientists in front of the US FDA and also in litigation support.  Further, much of our work has resulted in our scientists having discussions with regulators regarding cosmetic reform.