Dr. Urban is a Supervising Health Scientist with Cardno ChemRisk. She completed her PhD in Environmental Health Toxicology from the University of Minnesota. Her primary area of expertise is in carcinogenesis and chemoprevention. Dr. Urban’s doctoral work focused on elucidating the role of DNA adducts in lung cancer formation. During her doctoral work she used both in vivo and in vitro models to investigate the formation and repair of DNA adducts following exposure to tobacco-specific nitrosamines. She developed quantitative analytical techniques for the detection of DNA adducts and metabolites formed from nitrosamine exposure. Dr. Urban also received an MPH in Environmental Health Sciences, during which time she developed methods to detect the formation of urinary metabolites following exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). She has extensive experience in the development of analytical techniques for the detection of metabolites and DNA adducts, as well as in the design of large-scale animal studies. Dr. Urban’s current primary areas of practice include researching and conducting quantitative risk assessments of a variety of chemicals including asbestos, diacetyl, talc, nitrosamines including n-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) and n-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA), constituents of wildfire smoke, and various ingredients in personal care products. She has also conducted risk assessments related to California’s Proposition 65. Further, she has evaluated and conducted risk assessments for exposures to contaminants in dietary supplements, foods, and pharmaceuticals. In addition to participating in professional societies, Dr. Urban is a frequent guest lecturer at Clemson University.



  • PhD, Toxicology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 2012
  • MPH, Environmental Health Sciences, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 2009
  • BA, Chemistry and Environmental Studies, Saint Olaf College, Northfield, 2004

Professional Associations

  • American Chemical Society (ACS), 2007 - current
  • American Public Health Association (APHA), 2007 – current
  • Society of Toxicology (SOT), 2013 – current
  • University of Minnesota Toxicology Advisory Board, 2017 – current
  • International Society of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 2019 - current
  • Invited Reviewer, Toxicology and Industrial Health

Most Recent Awards/Professional Honors

  • First Place Presentation Award, Division of Chemical Toxicology, ACS, 2011
  • School of Public Health Travel Grant Recipient, University of Minnesota, 2011
  • Mary Lauren Olson Award, Minnesota Environmental Health Association, 2011
  • Lilly Poster Presentation Award, Division of Chemical Toxicology, ACS, 2010
  • Travel Grant, Minnesota American Chemical Society, 2010
  • Agnes Hansen Award, Xi Chapter of Graduate Women in Science, 2010
  • Professional Travel Grant, UMN Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, 2010
  • President’s Student Leadership & Service Award, UMN President, 2010
  • Environment Section Scholarship, American Public Health Association, 2008