Cardno ChemRisk's scientists are nationally recognized as experts on chemicals ranging from asbestos and dioxins to silica and beryllium. Additionally, we have conducted hazard assessments for nearly all chemical categories, including metals, VOCs, SVOCs, reactive organic monomers, and those classified as persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT).  

Our assessments have regularly been published and used by stakeholders in the scientific community to determine occupational, environmental, and human health-based screening criteria. Our expertise is often supplemented with support from our other practice areas as well as professionals in occupational medicine, biostatistics, and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling. Our toxicologists are well-versed in global regulatory knowledge regarding chemicals, and are able to provide scientifically appropriate exposure assessments to satisfy regulatory demands. These capabilities allow us to provide rapid solutions to a wide breadth of emerging issues encountered by our clients.

Project Example: Assessing the Toxicity of Fuels and Fuel Additives

Project Overview: A national governmental agency wanted to design a testing plan to assess the safety of new fuels and fuel additives from a human health standpoint. Cardno ChemRisk was approached to help understand the range of health effects known to be associated with evaporative and combustive emissions from fuels and fuel additives.

Our Approach: We reviewed the toxicity literature concerning whole evaporative and combustive emissions from fuels (including diesel fuel), volatile organic compounds commonly found in these emissions, and metals used as fuel additives or found as impurities in crude oil. Based on the identified key health effects for these chemicals and mixtures, Cardno ChemRisk reviewed the available biological assays to assess the full range of health effects. Based on the weight-of-evidence for the likely health effects associated with fuels and fuel additives, we provided recommendations for using both validated and alternative assays to assess these effects, including an evaluation of the benefits and disadvantages of the available options.

Our Value: Cardno ChemRisk provided the tools and recommendations necessary for the government agency to develop and implement a tiered toxicity testing strategy for evaluating new fuels and fuel additives.