Our team has been responding to the needs of clients across the globe, and supporting businesses in several occupational sectors, including food and beverages, manufacturing, construction, ecommerce, and television media. Our multidisciplinary team of epidemiologists, health and safety professionals and supply chain experts are available to help your business and/or organization navigate the challenges brought on by a pandemic or infectious disease outbreak.

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Project Example: Zoo/Aquarium Return to Normal Business Operations Plan (RNBO)

Project overview: Cardno ChemRisk was contacted to review existing RNBOs

Our Approach: Our team reviewed existing protocols and identified the major components of the plan that needed to be added or updated. Additionally, we provided a thorough reopening schedule based on local and state guidelines. Lastly, we created a strict cleaning and disinfection protocol that considered the daily operations inherent to zoo/aquariums, as well as the different staff (volunteers, full-time employees, and guest) that visit the facility

Our value: The zoo/aquarium facility was able to reopen while implementing a comprehensive RNBO plan that protected worker and visitor health and safety beyond the local and state requirements. We helped ensure that a rigorous and effective communication plan was in place, so that zoo management and employees could quickly respond to changes in COVID-19 policy recommendations or local community spread.

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