Our team has extensive experience in applying the principles of human health risk assessment to complex issues related to a variety of different microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds and other microbial components such as mycotoxins, endotoxins, and glucans.

Cardno ChemRisk, now Stantec’s team of microbiologists, epidemiologists, toxicologists, industrial hygienists, and public health professionals partner with and support agencies, companies, and organizations specializing in the evaluation, communication, management, and prevention of biological hazards. We offer support across several industrial sectors including food and beverage, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, research laboratories, advanced manufacturing, entertainment and performing arts, education, regulatory affairs, antimicrobial agents and technologies, environmental services, and infection control.

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Project Example: Pharmaceutical Hazard Identification for Biological Agents

Project Overview: Cardno ChemRisk was asked by various pharmaceutical and life sciences industry companies to conduct hazard identification and characterization for biological agents.

Our Approach: These assessments were conducted for occupational exposures during preparation and packaging tasks and potential microbial contamination of pharmaceutical products. This support included evaluations of the hazards associated with all routes of exposure for the identified biological agents, at the species level, and influences from handling/use of the products and the formulation of the product itself.

Value: Our team successfully aided companies in conducting a screening-level risk assessment based on hazard characterization to determine if a recall was needed or if occupational controls should be designed and implemented.


Project Example: Microbial Characterization in a School Setting

Project Overview: Cardno ChemRisk was asked by a disinfectant manufacturer to characterize the microbial bioburden in a K-8 school setting to understand the effects of spray disinfection solutions with varying active ingredients.

Our Approach: To evaluate surface and aerosols bioburdens, we conducted a comprehensive sampling campaign for biological targets on desk surfaces throughout the school in conjunction with chemical sampling. Additionally, bioaerosol samples inside and outside of the school were collected to inform the expected bioburden and potential sources of inward contamination.

Value: Our team was able to successfully conduct a comprehensive exposure assessment to active ingredients in various disinfectant solutions among classrooms of a K-8 school. This assessment leveraged the results of the microbial investigation to ensure real-world effectiveness of products and inform the overall assessment.


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