Cardno ChemRisk is world-renowned for our original research and numerous contributions to the asbestos body of knowledge. We have conducted numerous risk assessments aimed at understanding and evaluating human health and environmental exposures to various asbestos-containing products and fiber types. We have conducted original research to understand the potential exposure and risk using various products, and the importance of asbestos fiber type and length in risk assessment.

Project Example: Para-occupational (“Take-Home”) Asbestos Exposure

Project Overview: While incidence of disease in household contacts of asbestos workers had been reported in the literature, little was known about the magnitude or relationship between potential household exposure and that of the primary worker.  

Our Approach: Cardno ChemRisk scientists performed a comprehensive literature review and designed an exposure study to measure the relationship between airborne chrysotile concentrations in the workplace, the contamination of work clothing, and take-home exposures and risks. 

Our Value: Cardno ChemRisk scientists found that under the conditions tested, para-occupational exposures could reach up to approximately 1% of primary worker exposures. A series of studies were published in the peer-reviewed literature, and provide valuable information for exposure assessment and human health risk evaluation.