SOT Spotlight: Q&A with Rachel Freid

Posted on Behalf of  Rachel Freid

What is the title of your presentation?

Quality-Based Systematic Review of the Epidemiological Evidence on Talcum Powder Use and Risk of Ovarian Cancer

What was the scope of your research?

Assessing and synthesizing evidence from epidemiological studies on the association between cosmetic talcum powder perineal use and risk of ovarian cancer using standard systematic review methods with an adapted TSCA study quality evaluation.

What did you find?

Negative results in higher quality cohort studies contrasted positive associations in medium and low quality case-control studies. Overall imbalance of the studies suggest a lack of causal relationship between talc and ovarian cancer.

What are the next steps/what other research is needed?

An emphasis on study quality should be considered for interpreting conclusions. Adaptable methods for study quality evaluations are necessary to avoid over-reliance on lower quality studies for evidence synthesis.