SOT Spotlight: Q&A with Ernest Fung

Posted on Behalf of  Ernest Fung

What is the title of your presentation?

Ā Impact of Personal Care Product Exposure on Hair Follicle Health

What was the scope of your research?

Evaluating the health of hair follicles after exposure to a commercial hair care product using novel methods: a human hair follicle dermal papilla cell culture system, in which donor dermal papilla cells are cultured in vitro, and the HairSkinĀ® model, in which donor skin sections are cultured in an ex vivo matrix.

What did you find?

Hair follicles exposed directly to commercial hair care products did not lead to change in morphology or viability. Further, in an ex vivo scalp model, applying the commercial hair care product did not result in damage or morphology change to the skin or hair follicle.

What are the next steps/what other research is needed?

These novel methods can be applied to evaluate other products. Further development and validation of these novel methods would help advance consumer safety.