SOT 2019: Q&A with Ms. Sarah Brown

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Please read below for more information from Sarah Brown on her SOT presentation.

1.      What was the title of your presentation?

Weight-of-Evidence Analysis to Assess the Potential of PFOA to Act as a Steroidogenesis Inducer and Inhibitor

2.      What was the scope of your research?

This analysis evaluates PFOA's ability to act as an endocrine disruptor via two mechanisms of action (MoAs): 1) induction, and 2) inhibition of enzymes involved in steroidogenesis, using a three-tiered endpoint-ranking Weight of Evidence framework developed by Borgert et al. (2011, 2014).

3.      What did you find?

Based on inconsistent results, which were applicable to the ranked endpoints, there is no current evidence to support the hypothesis that PFOA is an endocrine disruptor via the steroidogenesis inducer and/or inhibitor MoA.

4.      What are the next steps / what other research is needed?

Additional analysis of the other MoAs in this Weight of Evidence framework would further clarify PFOA's capacity as an endocrine disruptor.

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