SOT 2019: Q&A with Dr. Sharlee More

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Please read below for more information from Dr. Sharlee More on her SOT presentation.

1.         What was the title of your presentation?  

Characterization of acute impairment effects from inhalation of ethanol during e-cigarette use.

2.         What was the scope of your research?

The primary objective of this study was to combine existing knowledge on user topography related to first generation e-cigarettes with a validated PBPK model for inhalation of ethanol to estimate the time-profile of the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in e-cigarette users.  Thus, it would be possible to address potential effects of the predicted BAC on physiological and psychomotor impairment in humans.

3.         What did you find?

This study demonstrates the application of a modified inhalation PBPK model to predict BACs for different users based on their specific topography parameters.  There was no evidence of correlations between peak BAC and specific topography parameters for individual users and hence there is not a specific parameter that impacts the differences in peak BAC. In addition, the predicted BACs for all tested scenarios were below 100 mg/L (0.01%) and did not reach thresholds that would typically be associated with physiological impairment. 

4.       What are the next steps / what other research is needed?

To adapt this model and evaluate other intentional e-liquid ingredients or potential contaminants in e-liquids.

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