SOT 2019: Q&A with Dr. Ernest Fung

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Between today and the start of SOT 2019, the Cardno ChemRisk View will feature a series of presentations as described by staff. First up is Dr. Ernest Fung from our Aliso Viejo, California office. 

1.  What was the title of your presentation?

A Tier-Based Skin Sensitization Testing Strategy for Personal Care Products

2.  What was the scope of your research?

To evaluate the skin sensitization potential of three cosmetic and personal care products and their ingredients

3.  What did you find? 

We found that:

1) The findings of this study demonstrate that the presence of structural alerts alone do not accurately predict the safety of a product. A comprehensive approach must be taken to evaluate a product's safety.

2) Appropriate modifications must be made to account for the nature of the test article, endpoint of interest, and results of each tier. Additional testing, including clinical studies may be necessary depending on the results obtained. The strength and validity of a tier-based testing strategy is dependent upon the tests selected in each individual tier.

3) This study demonstrates the utilization of a tier-based testing strategy to evaluate commercially available cleansing conditioners and their ingredients for skin sensitization potential. The presented tier-based testing approach may be used as an example for the safety evaluation of other cosmetics or personal care products.

4.  What are the next steps / what other research is needed?

Adapt this testing strategy to other products or endpoints.


For more information, please contact Dr. Ernest Fung.