SOT 2016 - Q&A with Cardno ChemRisk Scientists Part I:

Posted on Behalf of  Lindsey Garnick

As in previous years, a group of researchers from Cardno ChemRisk will attend the 2016 Society of Toxicology's Annual Meeting in New Orleans from March 13-17. At SOT, we will present recent research during posters and presentations.

Between today and the start of the conference, the Cardno ChemRisk View will feature a series of presentations, as described by staff (you can read the 2015 entries here and here). First up is Lindsey Garnick from our San Francisco office:

What is the title of your presentation?
An Exposure and Health Risk Assessment in Lead in Beverages.

What was the scope of your research?
In this study, we modeled national dietary consumption data from NHAHES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) with reported concentrations of Pb in wine, beer, and soda from published literature to determine if ingestion of these beverages may pose a health risk due to Pb. We predicted Blood Lead Levels using the EPA’s Adult Lead Methodology (ALM) model and compared the findings to current regulatory guidance values.

What did you find?
We found that drinking wine that originated in the United States had no impact on BLLs, and that blood Pb concentrations are influenced more by background Pb exposures than by U.S. wine consumption. Consuming certain beverages originating from outside the U.S. may increase BLLs above regulatory guidance values.

What are the next steps/what other research is needed?
Future research should aim to take more measurements of Pb concentrations in various beverages and to report those values in the literature. Evaluation of laboratory methods use for Pb determination in these beverages would also be of value. 

To find out more about Lindsey's work, contact her here.