Promoting Health Equity among Part-time and Temporary Workers of Large Event Venues

Large event venues, including sports arenas and amusement parks, have openly communicated their COVID-19 health and safety plans created to protect their teams, performers, and visitors. One group deserving of equal attention, however, is the workforce these large venues rely on to operate safely and effectively. Part-time and temporary workers play critical roles at large event venues, performing jobs such as taking tickets, operating concession stands, managing security, and cleaning. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and as large event venues look to the future, additional measures should be taken to ensure the equitable health and safety protections of these critical employees.  

Health disparities faced by temporary and part-time workers can arise or be further exacerbated when employers do not adequately consider the unique health and safety challenges faced by temporary and part-time workers in their efforts to create a safe work environment. Although large venues face unique challenges, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, venue management have several options when considering methods for promoting equity in their health and safety response. Venues can use varying approaches, such as preventative measures, testing, and vaccination plans, and company policies, such as sick leave. The most effective infection control plans will offer improvements at all levels, thereby promoting a holistic approach to employee health. These changes can improve employee health and safety while simultaneously reducing risk to visitors, and providing a public health preparation plan for future events.

For more information on how our scientific team can help, please see our Promoting Health Equity among Part-time and Temporary Workers of Large Venues White Paper, available here.

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