Dr. Gary Marsh Wins the IISRP Institute Technical Award

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Posted on behalf of Olivia Messina Leleck

The International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP) awarded its 2020 Institute Technical Award to Cardno ChemRisk scientist Dr. Gary Marsh. The IISRP is an international trade association with over 50 corporate members, located in 23 countries, who produce 70% of the world's synthetic rubber supply.

This prestigious award is presented to an individual who has made substantial scientific contributions to the synthetic rubber industry. Dr. Marsh was selected based on his extensive work while at the University of Pittsburgh regarding the epidemiology of occupational chloroprene exposure. There, in the 2000s, he directed an international historical cohort study of 18,000 industrial workers exposed to chloroprene, vinyl chloride and other substances, and he is currently conducting an update of that original study. The original study found that workers exposed to these substances at the levels encountered in the study facilities did not have elevated risks of total or cause-specific mortality, including from all cancers combined, lung and liver cancer or the cancer sites of a priori interest compared to the general population. The award will be presented at the IISRP Annual General Meeting in 2020. Congratulations, Dr. Marsh!