COVID-19 Occupational Webinar Series: May 7th Updates

Posted on Behalf of  Olivia Leleck

As part of Cardno ChemRisk’s support during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering bi-weekly complimentary webinars to the general public to help inform the participants on the latest issues, available resources, and updated recommendations on COVID-19. Some of the topics discussed on our May 7th webinar include:

The Role of Businesses in Reopening and Recovery

Some regions of the U.S. have started to reopen or release reopening plans as they begin to flatten the curve. Reopening the economy is essential for public health, and business leaders will play a critical role in the success of U.S. reopening and recovery. However, businesses must adapt operations to fit government recommendations to reduce risks of the ongoing COVID-19 threat. Business leaders should consider the following while planning for reopening:

· All stakeholders should be taken into account, including employees, partners, clients, and communities
· Businesses should be flexible and plan to rapidly respond to pandemic shifts/additional shutdowns

o Individual: vulnerability (e.g., comorbidities, immunosuppression), teleworking capacity/limits, travel risks

o Employer: teleworking possibilities, capacity for control measures (e.g., PPE, maintaining social distance), phased reopening, use of common areas, travel risks
· Health, equity, and sustainability should be prioritized in all workplace policies (e.g., flexible work-from-home policies for caregivers after reopening)

Businesses that have remained dormant during quarantine should also consider potential health and safety hazards before reopening, including:

· Indoor air quality
· Operation of building systems
· Rodents and pests
· Legionella
· Structural damage

Return to Normal Business Operations Plans

As part of their COVID-19 response, businesses should develop a comprehensive Return to Normal Business Operations (RNBO) plans to maintain health and promote business continuity. These plans should establish different phases of response based on parameters such as internal cases and community spread.

When developing RNBO plans, employers should reference already developed frameworks and industry-specific guidance for reopening, such as:

· FEMA’s National Disaster Recovery Framework
· Opening Up America Again federal guidance
· American Industrial Hygiene Association guidance for various industries

Cardno ChemRisk’s COVID-19 support covers a variety of industries (media and television, food and beverage manufacturers, pipeline construction, etc.) and includes assistance in developing comprehensive RNBO plans. To learn more about the ways Cardno ChemRisk can support your business, review our brochure, read our white paper, and follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

For more COVID-19 updates, join our next webinar session on Thursday, May 21st at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT. Our COVID-19 team will present the latest information, available resources, and updated recommendations in relation to COVID-19. Click here to register.