COVID-19 Occupational Webinar Series: May 21st Updates

Posted on Behalf of  Olivia Leleck

Posted on Behalf of Olivia Messina Leleck.

As part of Cardno ChemRisk’s support during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering bi-weekly complimentary webinars to the general public to help inform the participants on the latest issues, available resources, and updated recommendations on COVID-19. Some of the topics discussed on our May 21st webinar include:

Evaluating Return to Normal Business Operations Plans

Having a Return to Normal Business Operations (RNBO) plan in place is a critical first step in the reopening process. As plans are implemented, business leaders should consider evaluating new infection prevention and control procedures and policies in order to determine if they are achieving their intended outcomes. Evaluation typically considers one or more of the following factors:

·       Implementation
·       Effectiveness
·       Efficiency
·       Cost-effectiveness
·       Attribution

If a full evaluation of the RNBO plan is not possible, consider identifying small objectives that are feasible to assess, for example:

·    Quantitative measures:
   o   Response times following case identification
   o   Attack rates among staff in close contact with positive employees
·    Qualitative feedback:
   o   Staff surveys assessing attitudes/acceptance of new policies
   o   Customer surveys assessing adherence to policies

Businesses should also remember that while parts of the country are reopening, we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Along with RNBO plans, additional plans and guidelines should be in place to address hygiene, disinfection, and case management.

Industry-specific Reopening Considerations

Recent outbreaks in industries such as construction and food processing have highlighted the importance of developing comprehensive COVID-19 response plans with layered protections in place. These outbreaks have also demonstrated that businesses should consider factors specific to their industry that may impact reopening. Some examples of industry-specific considerations include:

·    Construction:
   o   Large workforce working close together
   o   Group transportation
   o   Shared use of tools
·    Manufacturing:
   o   Indoor facility with close workspaces
   o   Lack of ventilation
   o   Sever shifts working throughout the day
·    Retail:
   o   Public-facing
   o   High touch surfaces and products
   o   Product returns

Cardno ChemRisk’s COVID-19 support covers a variety of industries (media and television, food and beverage manufacturers, pipeline construction, etc.) and includes assistance developing and reviewing RNBO plans. To learn more about the ways Cardno ChemRisk can support your business, review our brochure, read our white paper, and follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

For more COVID-19 updates, join our next webinar session on Thursday, June 4th at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT. Our COVID-19 team will present the latest information, available resources, and updated recommendations in relation to COVID-19. Click here to register.