Cardno ChemRisk's Dr. Andy Maier and Dana Hollins Honored by the American Industrial Hygiene Association

Dr. Andy Maier, Principal Science Advisor, and Dana Hollins, Senior Principal Health Scientist, recently received the 2020 AIHA Named Awards from the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

Dr. Maier was awarded the Edward J. Baier Technical Achievement Award which recognizes individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to industrial hygiene in recent years. Dr. Maier was noted for his effort to "build the scientific community for occupational risk assessment, occupational risk development (OELs), and industrial hygiene." 

Dana Hollins was awarded the Kusnetz award which recognizes industrial hygienists who exhibit high ethical standards and technical abilities. Dana was noted for her work which "has helped to significantly advance our understanding and application of exposure and analysis for a wide range of different chemicals."

The American Industrial Hygiene Association is a nonprofit organization serving professionals dedicated to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control, and confirmation of environmental stressors in or arising from the workplace that may result in injury, illness, or impairment, or affect the well-being of workers and members of the community.

For more information on the AIHA Awards and full bios on the winners, you can visit the AIHA website