AIHce 2021: Q&A with Evan Beckett

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What was the title of your presentation?

Derivation of an Occupational Exposure Limit for Diacetyl Using Doseā€response Data from a Chronic Animal Inhalation Exposure Study.

What was the scope of your research?

We derived an 8-hour TWA OEL for diacetyl based on benchmark dose (BMD) modeling of animal dose-response data and a computational fluid dynamic physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (CFD-PBPK) model. This approach is appropriate when there is an absence of quality human data.

What did you find?

Based on our evaluation, we proposed an 8-hour TWA OEL for diacetyl vapor of 0.2 ppm, per effects observed in the rat lower respiratory tract (the most sensitive tissue in the most sensitive test species). This OEL is protective of all possible workplace-related adverse health effects associated with diacetyl exposure.