AIHce 2021: Q&A with Allison Persing

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What was the title of your presentation?

“Implications for Recommendations from a Meta-Analysis and Preliminary Systematic Review Investigating Upper Extremity Discomfort among Office Workers Using a Sit-Stand Desk”.

What was the scope of your research?

 She investigated the potential association between the use of a sit-stand desk and self-reported levels of upper extremity discomfort among office workers from literature published between 1998 and 2019.

What did you find?

She found that although preliminary, the systematic review found that generally the use of sit-stand desks was associated with slightly increased upper extremity musculoskeletal discomfort.

What are the next steps/what other research is needed?

Next steps for research include literature representative of specific workplace tasks, shifts, and study durations with sit/stand time reflective of intervals realistic for the workers of interest.