AIHce 2018 - Q&A with Cardno ChemRisk Scientists, Part II

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Please read below for more information from Jason Lotter on his presentation:

1.  What was the title of your presentation?

The title of my presentation was: "Evaluation of Take-Home Exposure to Asbestos from Handling Asbestos-Contaminated Worker Clothing Following the Cutting of Cement Pipe"

2.  What was the scope of your research?

The aim of our study was to quantify the release of asbestos fibers when an individual shook out crocidolite- and chrysotile-contaminated clothing that was previously worn by an operator cutting asbestos-cement pipe in an outdoor setting.

3.  What did you find?

The estimated 8-hr TWA exposures to asbestos for an individual shaking out the clothing were 2.5-15% of the 8-hr TWA exposure for the worker that cut the cement pipe. Estimates of cumulative lifetime exposures to chrysotile and crocidolite associated with shaking out clothing were below levels associated with asbestos-related disease. Further, at the distances measured in our study, fiber type had little effect on fiber settling, adhesion, or dispersion.

4.  What are the next steps / what other research is needed?

It would be helpful to similarly analyze other exposure scenarios involving asbestos-cement pipe, including the use of manual cutting tools and variations in work practices. Such data would assist in evaluating historical exposures of individuals who laundered worker clothing.


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