AIHce 2018 - Q&A with Cardno ChemRisk Scientists Part I

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Please read below for more information from Anders Abelmann on his presentation. 

1.  What was the title of your presentation?

The title of my poster was “Asbestos Fiber Transport from Facilities into the Community: Results of Field Studies.”

2.  What was the scope of your research?

In this study, we released a limited amount of asbestos fibers by cutting asbestos-containing cement (AC) pipe. We then measured the airborne concentration of asbestos fibers at distances up to about 30 m (95 feet) from the source. The goal was to use the resulting data to assist in validation of existing models for predicting air concentrations of asbestos fibers as a function of distance from an emission source.

3.  What did you find?

Generally, the air sampling results showed that both chrysotile and crocidolite concentrations decreased rapidly with distance in all directions. The analysis showed that distance and direction from the source could be used to predict chrysotile, crocidolite, and cement concentrations.

4.  What are the next steps / what other research is need?

Further research is needed to elucidate the relationship between the behavior of concentrations of various fiber types (e.g., through evaluating the relationship between the size distribution and concentration of cement particles with distance compared to fiber length and distance, binding of asbestos fibers to cement, etc.).


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