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About Us Overview

Cardno ChemRisk was originally formed in 1985 as a global consulting partner specializing in risk assessments. Since then, we have grown into a company that is internationally recognized for its industry leadership and ground-breaking approaches.

Our mission is to provide clients with innovative, sustainable solutions to current and emerging issues in ways that not only drive progress, but also protect human health and the environment. We also believe in creating a dynamic work environment that inspires collaboration and creativity.

With Cardno ChemRisk, clients get access to:

  • Outstanding knowledge and expertise across chemicals, industries and countries.
  • Recognized leadership in the scientific, government and academic communities.
  • A pioneering and collaborative approach to science that drives sustainable solutions.
  • A strong commitment to meet and exceed client expectations, on time and on target.

Clients also discover:

  • A strong reputation for excellence and innovation at all levels of project complexity.
  • A firm grasp on past, present and emerging issues and trends.
  • A deep understanding of global regulations, from Proposition 65 to REACH.
  • A passion for using sound science to drive progress while protecting people and the planet.

The Cardno ChemRisk team is diverse, dedicated and anchored by experienced leaders renowned in their fields of expertise. Clients quickly learn to count on us to resolve difficult challenges with solutions that are smart, innovative and sustainable.

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