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Exposure Assessment and Dose Reconstruction


Information on how to conduct exceptional exposure assessments has grown exponentially over the past 15 years.  The availability of inexpensive computational approaches, combined with advances in modeling and highly sensitive analytical techniques, allow Cardno ChemRisk scientists to characterize the full range of possible exposures with increasing precision.

Cardno ChemRisk has pioneered the use of many methods, including exposure assessment techniques that are widely applied in government and workplace studies. Our ground-breaking work has set high standards in the industry and continues to be used in decision-making. It has, in fact, advanced the way regulatory agencies and the scientific community view how humans are exposed to chemicals, how chemicals are absorbed into the body, and how they reach the tissues where adverse effects can occur.

For details, below is a sampling of case studies. You will also find links on this page to our Exposure Assessment and Dose Reconstruction team and related literature.

Case Studies


Amanda Burns
Brent Finley
Shannon Gaffney
John Henshaw
Dana Hollins
James Keenan
Amy Madl
Julie Panko
Dennis Paustenbach
Jen Pierce
Jennifer Sahmel
Paul Scott
Erin Shay Hynds
Ken Unice



Key Services

  • Exposure simulation studies
  • Proposition 65 exposure assessments
  • Chemical fate and transport modeling / environmental modeling
  • Chemical fingerprinting analyses
  • Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PB-PK) modeling
  • Retrospective dose reconstruction
  • Occupational exposure modeling


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·         Heather Avens

·         Amanda Burns

·         Megan Glynn

·         Matt Ground

·         Matt Le

·         Chris Ronk

·         Paul Scott

·         Ken Unice