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Health and Environmental Risk Assessment


Risk assessment is a scientific process used to assemble, critique and interpret all the pertinent scientific information regarding a substance to determine its potential risk to human health and the environment.  It is often used to predict the potential impact of various exposure scenarios.

The process weighs a number of scientific, regulatory, societal and cost factors and requires extensive data collection and complex calculations – all services that Cardno ChemRisk provides clients.

Cardno ChemRisk is a recognized leader in performing quality risk assessments, bringing resources, expertise and current knowledge to the table that many clients do not have. We draw upon a variety of disciplines and a wealth of experience to address the complex, multilayered aspects of exposure.  Our experience extends across industries, from pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals to children’s toys and brownfield redevelopment.

Our team has pioneered and popularized many of the risk assessment approaches used in the U.S., and continues to innovate for success.  For details, below is a sampling of case studies.  You will also find links on this page to our Health and Environmental Risk Assessment team and related literature.

Case Studies


Brent Finley
Shannon Gaffney
Dana Hollins
James Keenan
Amy Madl
Julie Panko
Dennis Paustenbach
Jennifer Pierce
Jennifer Sahmel
Paul Scott
Erin Shay Hynds
Ken Unice



Key Services

  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Health-based clean-up criteria development
  • Risk evaluation of remedial alternatives
  • Probabilistic exposure assessments
  • Risk-based sampling design
  • Bioaccessibility studies
  • Exposure activity surveys, including creel-angler
  • Other site-specific applied risk research


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·         Heather Avens

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·         Matt Le

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·         Paul Scott

·         Ken Unice