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Crisis Management


While prevention is always the best policy, incidents unfortunately happen.  When they do, the speed and quality of your response can have a lasting impression on the community and your reputation.

You can minimize issues by having an emergency response plan in place, which includes elements like advance scenario planning, crisis communications, root cause analyses, and scientific evaluations to determine the impact on human health and the environment.  Working with companies like Cardno ChemRisk can help you prepare for possible incidents in advance, and also respond to highly unusual situations too.

Cardno ChemRisk has a wealth of experience in helping companies, communities and other stakeholders understand the short- and long-term effects of unplanned occurrences, including facility explosions, accidental product contaminations, materials substitutions and chemical releases.  Every incident is different, but our knowledge and experience – from event reconstruction to time-sensitive data collection and analysis – provides crucial guidance in tense situations.

You can count on Cardno ChemRisk to quickly mobilize teams of scientists to reconstruct and analyze events, providing the information you need to minimize risk.  For details, below is a sampling of case studies. You will also find links on this page to our Crisis Management team and literature.

Case Studies


Brent Finley
Shannon Gaffney
John Henshaw
James Keenan
Amy Madl
Julie Panko
Dennis Paustenbach
Jennifer Sahmel


Key Services

  • Advance scenario planning and consulting
  • Safety program evaluations
  • Procedure and process reviews
  • Real-time exposure assessments and dose reconstruction
  • Supply chain evaluations
  • Toxicology assessments of novel chemicals


pdf Cardno ChemRisk: Crisis Management 


·         Heather Avens

·         Amanda Burns

·         Megan Glynn

·         Matt Ground

·         Matt Le

·         Chris Ronk

·         Paul Scott

·         Ken Unice